Skra'Zo Timeline of Events

BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin
ABY = After the Battle of Yavin

-27,704 BBY: A small Sith outpost is established deep within the jungle.

-27,701 BBY: The Sith outpost is abandoned.

-191 BBY: Zulaina is banished from T’jilisc Hutt family for freeing 1,000 of the family’s slaves.

-190 BBY: Zulaina and the liberated slaves settle on the humid, swampy moon of Skra’Zo.

-188 BBY: The city of Dixun is founded.

-163 BBY: Dixun opens a small spaceport and begins to open themselves to offworld trade.

-146 BBY: Skraap begins to be traded offworld with much success.

-132 BBY: Zulaina creates the “Fish Runners”, a group of elite smugglers whose sole purpose is to oversee the delivery of Skraap shipments and protect it from pirates.

-125 BBY: Skra’Zo refuses entry into the Galactic Republic.

-99 BBY: Zulaina gives birth to Durgah the Hutt.

-62 BBY: Wyan-tee, the Ithorian master gardner, arrives on planet and sets up a garden on the hill overlooking Dixun

-22 BBY: The Clone Wars start.

-21 BBY: Skra’Zo joins the Separatists and allows a small unit to establish themselves on the moon.

-19 BBY: The Clone Wars end. Some of the Neimodian generals stay and establish businesses in Dixun, but most flee the planet. A sizable droid army is left behind. The Galactic Empire is born.

-18 BBY: The droid army is converted into the first Dixun Police Force.

-17 BBY: A great surge in population takes place when three major races of immigrants arrive on Skra’Zo to avoid enslavement. The Gungans and Mon Calamari move into the large swamp region outside of Dixun and began to take over and greatly improve the Skraap fishing operation despite the growing tension between the two races . The Wookiee immigrants establish New Rwookrrorro, a tree-dwelling colony in the jungle, and start to farm the fruit that grows there.

-15 BBY: Muck’s opens in Dixun.

-11 BBY: A marriage between the two leaders of the Gungan and Mon Calamari colonies helps form a shaky alliance and an end to the race conflicts.

-10 BBY: Zulaina establishes Skraapfest, a yearly festival commemorating Skra’Zo’s history and it’s major export, Skraap, with a swoop race, Sabaac Tournamnet, a Skraap eating contest and other events.

-8 BBY: A group of Wookiee rebels attack Dixun and are later subdued. Peace between Dixun and New Rwookrrorro is shaken.

-4 BBY: The Empire moves into the sector.

-3 BBY: Moff Jorran makes contact with Zulaina and demands a 10% cut of the Skraap profit in exchange for leaving Skra’Zo alone. Zulaina complies.

-2 BBY: Moff Jorran ups his demand to 15% of the Skraap profit. Zulaina complies.

-1 BBY: Moff Jorran ups his demand to 20% of the Skraap profit. Zulaina complies.

-0 BBY: Moff Jorran ups his demand to 25% of the Skraap profit. Zulaina begrudgingly complies.

-1 ABY: Our Story Begins…

Skra'Zo Timeline of Events

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